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What we do

In a nutshell

We get you dates with people you are attracted to on a physical and mental level without you having to spend time on the process of actually getting and setting up the date.

You just meet the person and have a wonderful time. 

This is how we do it!

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#1 Finding Your Partner Preference

Most people know partially what they want and partially what they don't want. But partially isn't good enough for us. 

What we do is help our clients figure out exactly what they want and why they want these things.

We don't live in a fantasy world so we know you won't find a 100% perfect match. Yet we strive to find matches that are 80 - 95% matching your criteria.

Areas we focus on are: "appearance, personality treats, general compatibility.

#2 Texting Analyses

When you have been using dating platforms before that is great. We can use your account to analyze the way you talk to people on there. 

With this info we can give you advice on the things you are lacking in your text conversations and things that you are doing great. 

Another benefit we get from this is that we can make a good analysis of the way you talk that we can use in our ghostwriting.

#3 Client Description

After doing the texting analyses we need to get into debt about who you are as a client of ours.

You can see this as telling your friend who you are and all the little perks that you have.

The beauty about this is that you tell us once. Instead of having to tell all the prospects each time you meet them.

Another factor that will save you the hassle of explaining things over and over.

#4 Picture Analyses

An important factor on your profile is the pictures that you use.

In our process we select the best photos out of the ones you currently have. On top of that we improve those photos dramatically.

This will increase the attractiveness of these photos tremendously without losing who you really are.

To test the photos we have lots of people rate our clients photos so we get an accurate idea about the attractiveness score of your photos.

#5 Dating Situation

We have dealt with clients who were relationship rockstars and green leaves who still need to fall from the tree.

Just getting the numbers and setting up the dates is not enough. Our clients need to have great dates. We assist our clients via original date ideas and dating structures.

This way they get comfortably and successful from point A to point B.

#6 Profile Takeover

Now this is where the meat comes in. With our profile takeovers we manage your accounts fully.

This includes picking the people to match (based on our partner preference).

We engage into a nice conversation with the matches till they are ready to move it forward.

We even reopen old conversations or people who aren’t responding to 1 text.

These are all things normal people barely do generally resulting in a superior result than what you would get by yourself.

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#7 Setting up dates

Once somebody is interested in our client we want to move ahead with the process. 

How this goes depends on the client's needs. You can have a video call or a real date.

When you are actively using a calendar you can fill in the times where you are free.

We can then go ahead and book dates into these time slots.

We can also just send over the number so you can take it from there.

Dates in your Calender

#8 After care

Just having dates isn’t enough. After dates we evaluate how things went.

What were things that went well and what were things that could improve.

Maybe the date structure wasn’t ideal. Maybe they found something very attractive about the person they met.

With Hovalo's "After Care" we analyze the date, analyze the match and help with future situations. 

If things aren’t going well then we give advice so it gets fixed. For example when a client has a harder time connecting with their match. 

See how we can help you

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We don’t take on everyone as a client so we analyze this in our discovery call.

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