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Denver Photographer Tim Gillies specializes in portrait photography, event photography, family photography, and commercial and editorial photography serving the Denver, CO and surrounding areas.



I’m addicted to Tex-Mex food, I have a camera tattooed on my wrist and I’m working on attaining a green thumb (so far … let’s not talk about it). I’m available for work anywhere a car or plane will take me.



My photography reflects beauty, liveliness, passion, color, and an "awe" factor. Together we'll create beautiful images that capture your tale.

Getting Great Photos in Denver

Good photos are crucial for online dating because they are the first thing potential matches will see and can often decide whether someone will swipe right or left. They can also give insight into a person's personality, interests, and lifestyle, which is essential when connecting with someone. Therefore, investing time and effort into creating great photos for your dating profile can significantly increase your chances of attracting matches and finding a compatible partner.

Remarkable Locations for Photos in Denver

Colorado's capital is beautiful, with many great spots for taking dating profile photos. Denver has it all if you're looking for a stunning natural backdrop or a unique urban setting. Here are different cool spots in Denver that would be great for taking dating profile photos.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
This iconic location offers breathtaking city views and stunning red rock formations, making for a unique and impressive background.

City Park
With its beautiful lake and views of the mountains, City Park is an excellent spot for urban and natural photography.

RiNo Art District
Known for its colorful murals and street art, RiNo is a popular spot for taking unique and eye-catching photos.

Union Station
This historic train station has been restored and transformed into a beautiful modern urban hub. Its unique architecture and vintage details make it an excellent spot for photos.

Denver Botanic Gardens
With its lush greenery, colorful flowers, and serene water features, it offers a peaceful and beautiful backdrop for photos.

Larimer Square
One of the oldest and most historic blocks in Denver, Larimer Square features charming brick buildings, trendy shops, and chic restaurants that make for a great urban setting.

Sloan's Lake
This large lake just west of downtown Denver offers stunning views of the city skyline and mountains in the distance.

Denver Art Museum
With its striking architecture and impressive art collection, it is an excellent spot for taking artistic and sophisticated photos.

Denver Skatepark
Located near the Platte River, this skatepark offers a unique and edgy urban setting for photos.

Cherry Creek Trail
This scenic trail runs through the heart of Denver and offers many beautiful spots for photos, including bridges, gardens, and sculptures.

Mount Falcon Park
Located just outside of Denver, this park offers stunning mountain views, scenic trails, and historic ruins that make for a unique and adventurous photo shoot.

Coors Field
For sports enthusiasts, it offers a fun and exciting photo backdrop with vibrant green grass and classic baseball stadium features.

Denver Zoo
With its diverse collection of animals and beautiful landscaping, the Denver Zoo is an excellent spot for taking naughty and fun photos.

Washington Park
This large park in south Denver offers beautiful gardens, a large lake, and scenic walking paths for a great natural backdrop.

The Basics of Great Dating Profile Pictures

Before rushing into a photo shoot, consider the following aspects that make a stunning image and put it into practice to ensure you obtain the best results.

Good lighting

Adequate lighting can make all the difference in a photo. Ensure the area where you're taking the picture is well-lit, preferably with natural light.

Choose the right outfit

Your outfit can also impact your photos. Choose something that is flattering and reflects your style.

Show off your personality

Be bold and incorporate items or settings that showcase your personality. This could be anything from a favorite hobby to a piece of artwork.

Get creative with angles

Play around with different angles and poses to find the most flattering look for you.

Quality over quantity

It's better to have a few high-quality photos than many low-quality ones. Take the time to select the best shots to showcase yourself in the best light.

For more in-depth advice on taking great photos for your dating profile, check out our complete guide on dating pctures.

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