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Learn insights about the dating market and a hyper unique business model (online dating management). Teach your audience dating tips, what it is to have lived in 10 countries or giving up a safe business for a passion project.


What Is Hovalo?

In a nutshell, Hovalo is an Online Dating Management service that guides and helps busy entrepreneurs and professionals through an all-encompassing process that doesn't stop with essential advice.

From assistance with photoshoots, photo editing, and match selection to texting matches on dating apps (like Bumble and Hinge) and getting numbers or arranging dates for them.

Hovalo is there to help its clients get meaningful relationships while they are actively building value for the world.


What You'll Get

More than just an interesting conversation

Custom short for your podcast episode

For all podcasters we create a custom video as seen next to this paragraph. You can use this short for your social media channels exclusively. We will create another one that we will publish on our platforms.

Learn Life and Dating Hacks

Having a successful dating life isn't the only aspect that matters day to day.

Finding balance, learning ways to manage time, improving processes, and having good relationships also matter and Koen will share his best tips to achieve this.


Podcast Gear

Microphone: Shure MV7

Camera: Sony A7 IV

Headphones: Apple Air Pods Pro

Lighting: 3 Softboxes (Well lit)

Let's Chat!

Are you interested in having Koen on your podcast? We are open to taking podcast guest requests for the next three months.

Please send us an email to info(@)hovalo.com (remove parenthesis) to see what we can make happen.

We will be glad to collaborate!