Bumble has new features! 

And they promise to substantially improve the experience of using Bumble.

The best part?

All of them are completely free.

Ready to learn everything you need to make the most out of your time on Bumble?

Let’s go!


Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

Bumble’s New Features

  • Audio Prompts

  • Compliments

  • Best Photo

  • Badges

  • Bantr Live

Audio Prompts

Record your voice answering one of Bumble's prompts to create a better (and faster) connection with other profiles.

Sounds familiar?

Why yes, you must know this feature from Hinge.

Because lately, Bumble has its eyes on every movement that Hinge makes.

As things are going, in no time, the next feature will be voice notes in the chat.


Bumble “New” Paid Features

While swiping through Bumble profiles, you probably got their obnoxious ads at least once.

Unlock the Beeline! Get seen with Spotlight. 

Activate advanced filters!

Are you really interested?

In case you haven’t tapped on them, sorry to break it but they are just another way to get you to purchase something.

In most cases, it’s to become a member of Bumble Premium, to get SuperSwipes, or Spotlights.

Know that they go away or decrease the frequency if you have a membership.

Hovalo Tip: Before handing your money to Bumble, we recommend you read the articles linked above or get in touch to get personalized advice to get the most out of Bumble.


New Bumble Feature Recap

Told you it was just a handful of features!

To make it clear, 2022 was a great year for Bumble. They launched the following:

  • Best Photo
  • Compliments
  • More Badges
  • Bantr Live
  • Advanced Filters*
  • Beeline*
  • Travel Mode*
  • Extend**
  • Rematch**
  • SuperSwipes***
  • Spotlights***

* Only available for Bumble Premium subscribers

** Available for Bumble Premium and Boost subscribers

*** Included for Bumble Premium and Boost subscribers. Available for individual purchase.

Without a doubt, Extends, Rematches, and Spotlights are among the most useful.

However, the Compliment feature and Bantr Live promise great things to come.

Now tell us in the comments which one is your favorite so far and don't forget to schedule a free call if you're interested in saying goodbye to spend your time on Bumble.

See you at the next one!


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