Hinge Review - What is Hinge, Is Hinge Free, and How to Get Likes in 2021

Hinge used to be the ugly duckling of dating apps. It was like a cheap copy of every other option around without anything different to offer. 

As you can imagine, things weren’t looking up for Hinge until 2016 when it was reimagined as a unique option that made every stare turn to look at it.

Now, Hinge has managed to be positioned as one of the best options for finding a relationship online due to its many points in favor.

Forget about swiping. Let’s meet together the pretty cousin of the dating apps.

Ready to become a master of Hinge?
Keep reading to find useful tips to make your experience even better.

What is Hinge?

Hinge is a dating app. 

That’s the easy answer, and you probably already knew that before landing here. 

However, despite belonging to the same group that owns the most famous dating apps around, it has so much more to offer and it’s revolutionizing the way that online dating is being made.

You might be thinking, "But how is that possible? Every dating site is just the same".

Well, in essence, yes, they are. But in-depth, Hinge is the only dating app meant to find love and be deleted as soon as possible.


Hinge, dating site for serious relations

As the number of people looking for hookups or one-night stands increased, persons who were in hopes to find a serious relationship got discouraged. At the same time, Hinge was plummeting but saw its chance to shine again when their creators set their eyes on these people.

Now, Hinge has turned into one of the best dating sites to look for meaningful connections, long-term relationships, and serious commitments. 

According to numbers provided by Hinge [1], 3 out of 4 couples who went on first dates are willing to go on a second. 

This translates into an average of 90% of success. One of the highest percentages out there, even if it only counts the number of first dates arranged thanks to the app.

And this is without counting the meetings arranged through Video Chat Dating, the feature launched in response to keep meeting matches even with the restrictions of the pandemic.

Who uses Hinge?

Every person above 18 years old can join. 

However, the majority of users range from 23 to their early 40s. Although this doesn’t mean that if you are under or above that age you can’t find here what you want. It might only make it harder depending on your location.








How does Hinge work?

It was mentioned in the introduction that you could forget about swiping, and it was true.

Hinge has really changed the game of finding a partner. They turned it into a better experience of getting to know the other person beyond a nice profile picture (but this is still crucial, though. See No likes on Hinge to know more).

On simple terms, you could say that Hinge is the almost-perfect child between Tinder, Instagram, and Bumble.

Instead of looking at a profile with a set of a varying number of pictures and a bio that can be either the best or a disgrace worthy of a horror movie, Hinge promises to give insight into the true personality of the face and the words behind the screen.

This is possible because of two facts (and a half*):

  • Every user is encouraged to pour the best of them with the help of prompts and questions.
  • It’s not possible to like a whole profile the same way as on other sites. 
  • The amount of likes available to give is very limited (*for free subscribers).

Let’s explain this further.

Hinge profile

First things first. Opening an account and set up a profile on Hinge takes a bit longer than in other dating apps (but not as long as most dating websites). 

However, it’s for a good reason: the more information you give, the easier it is for Hinge to find people who meet your preferences or align with your interests. 

This way, the app is making its best to ensure you are presented with the profiles that you have more chances to make a match. And vice versa. Your profile will also be displayed to people who are more inclined to like you.

All the information you give is organized into 5 categories (+ Dealbreakers):

  • My Vitals

  • My Virtues

  • My Vices

  • My Photos

  • My Answers

  • Dealbreakers


My Vitals

Basic personal and preferences information. Including name, gender, gender(s) you’re looking for, location (neighborhood), and desire to have kids or not.

You can decide whether or not to add your last name. It won’t be shown when your profile is presented for the first time. Only after a match is made. This also applies if you signed in using Facebook.

Hinge location

The first part of this can be a problem; Hinge still has limited availability.

It’s true that since the launch of the app in 2012, Hinge has increased the number of countries where it can be used. Regardless, the number is still small and there’s nothing you can do if you don’t live in any of these:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Singapore

Besides, Hinge is only available through the mobile app for both iPhone or Android. 

Forget about accessing through a browser like with other dating apps. This isn’t possible with Hinge. 

Although you can find on their website interesting information, like the investigations they constantly run to improve their algorithm or meditations to relax before meeting your date for the first time.

Now, regarding location to find matches, this works very much than the rest of the dating apps. 

You need to either allow Hinge access to your device’s location or enter it by yourself. Afterward, you change the default 100-mile radius of search and narrow it to what you think it’s best.

Hovalo tip: if you live in a big city, you might want to close your radius to meet people who live closer to you, while in small towns, opening the radius will allow meeting more people.


Matching on Hinge

Time for what we came for: Learning how to match on Hinge.

The first thing you will notice is that profiles are larger than in most other dating apps. You can see the six pictures and the answers to their selected prompts, and if you chose to pay, you will see all their complete information about habits, politics, and religious preferences.

Whenever you find any of these attractive or interesting, you can tap on that selected section and send a Like. It’s recommended that you take the chance of commenting in the Like to start the conversation right away, but you are free to leave it plain. 

Pro tip: Sending an empty Like to someone you really want to meet will narrow down considerably your chances of a match. Show your interest with a smart comment so she likes you back!

✔ Limited Likes


As a Preferred Member, you’ll get unlimited likes, but as a free user, you will get only 10 every day.

No, it’s not a joke, only 10. But there’s a reason.

Remember the part where Hinge aims for serious relationships and you might be looking for one of those? That is the why behind such a small number.

Hinge is betting for quality against quantity, and to stop making swiping a sport or a game. 

When you have a very limited amount of likes available, you should be paying more attention to details. Watch those pictures, read the prompts, see the preferences and decide if you really see yourself spending a night out with that person. Or a week. Or a year. Or a life? 

Well, maybe a life it’s too much, but you get the point. Take things more seriously than just a human catalog to choose from. 

Hinge wants you to make conscious decisions and stop playing games.

This is also the reason behind a relatively limited number of profiles to see even as a preferred user. Even when you have unlimited likes or when you haven’t used your ten likes available, you might find that you ran out of matches too soon. It could be because there’s nothing new in your area, but it can also be a signal to go slower.

However, as it happens anywhere, you can also find people who are around only for a fast encounter, and that is also fine when both agree.

👀 See who Likes you


And here comes one of the greatest advantages of Hinge over the rest: you can see all the likes you received, even as a free member.

The only difference between seeing your likes as a free member than a preferred one is that on the basic version you’ll have to go one by one, but this is also a good thing.

See, if you are on Hinge, it’s most likely because you’re looking for something serious. This means that you actually care about knowing the person. Going profile by profile allows you this. You can see their pictures and prompts, and decide if you like them back or not after more than a dismissive glance at their profile picture.

Now, as a Preferred Member, the likes will be displayed on a grid, where you can jump straight to the face that seems more interesting, and return that like faster.

🤩 Most compatible


Once a day, Hinge will display first a profile they think is the Most Compatible for you.

This profile was selected according to the data collected from your swipes, the information on your profile, and your preferences. And it was done the same with your profile to display it into the other person’s feed.

According to Hinge, the Most Compatible profile is truly that, and you should have more chances to make a match, meet and develop a relationship than what you would have with any other profile in your feed.

🌹 Standouts and Roses


On the menu at the bottom of the screen, there is a star icon. This leads to Standouts.

Some users claim that Hinge takes from the normal feed the best profiles you could’ve match with and drops them there instead so you have to spend money to send a Like to them. 

Hinge says it’s a selection of good profiles that might interest you. This means that they are the equivalent of Tinder’s Top Picks. 

The only way to like profiles you find here is by sending a rose. And you only get one rose every week. 

Exactly. These are the Hinge version of the Super Likes.

You can buy more roses, of course, but as we have been saying, the goal with this app is to be careful at the moment of looking for a partner.

Anyway, here are the prices of the roses (in USD and Euros), in case you were wondering:

1 Rose

6 Roses

12 Roses


$19.98 ($3.33 ea)

$29.99 ($2.49 ea)


€19.98 (€3.33 ea)

€30.96 (€2.58 ea)

🚀 Boosts


If you read our article on Tinder Boosts, by now you should be familiar with this term.

When you activate a Boost, your profile will have preference over other similars in your area for one, two or eight hours depending on your profile.

According to Hinge, Boosts can give you up to 40x more matches. 

Like its most famous brother, Hinge also has Superboosts. These allow you to be on the top of profiles around your area for 24 hours, which can give you something around 100x more matches than normal.

But have in my mind that if you live in a small area or your profile can use some improvements, Boosts nor Superboosts won’t fix your lack of matches.

Also, you must consider the time to activate your Boost, because trying to match on a Wednesday morning while everyone is busy won’t get you anywhere either. Pick Sundays at night, or weekdays after 6 p.m., when people are more likely to be bored on their couches, ready to look through profiles in between their series marathon.

Hovalo tip: Being a Preferred Member can improve considerably your experience with Boosts. Mixing both features will allow you to scroll through the profiles that liked you faster, and you will be able to see their whole profiles to make better matches.

Using Hinge like a Pro

After looking at all the basics of setting up an account, it’s time to give you some pro tips to make your experience even better. 

Best Hinge answers

Three things you must consider when you want to have the best answers: 

1. When you are a beginner at online dating, you need to choose the best questions first. Once you learn how to give good answers, you’ll be able to give the perfect response to every question on the list.
2. Your answers are message bait. Pour the best of you to make the other person react in a way that they feel compelled to write you instantly.
3. Start hinting at a date. Pick a question carefully, and slightly disclose what you could be doing when you meet IRL for the first time.

Now, the best question/answer combo you can have in Hinge is for the prompt “I know the best spot in town for…” because you can hint to a date, awake curiosity, show some of your preferences, and make the other person start texting when your answer is something like “A pint of beer with a stunning view, but I won’t spill more unless maybe you ask”. 

Answers like that do all the jobs of texting in one swift, clever move.


Another good prompt to start is “Most spontaneous thing I’ve done…” If you are an adventurer, you won’t find it hard to fill out with something like “Jumping from a 15 ft waterfall and surviving”, and if you aren’t make it funny! “Touch the bench labeled ‘fresh paint’ to prove if it was really fresh.”

The most important thing is that within your answers, you don’t showcase your defects, and much less as red flags. The other person will find your negativity like an invitation to dismiss your profile without a second look, even if your profile pictures are perfect.


Hinge pickup lines

There is something important you have to understand when you are looking for pickup lines: many, many people are looking for and using them as well. 

The best thing you can always do is come up with your own. Make them personalized. Look for some distinctive feature on the person’s profile and go from there to start the conversation and get a reaction. 

Apart from this, some simple formulas work well:

This or that:

Making choose between two things is always a good way to start a conversation. You’ll find useful information and also can lead you straight into an interesting talk.

Open-end questions:

Although this is not the most brilliant, witty, or fun way to start, it’s a good one for Hinge since the other person won’t have to think too hard about it. It’s just a fact about them. Plus, since they are around most likely for a serious thing, they’ll be more open to answering this kind of opening.


Pro tip: With either of the options above, never forget to make the question fun or silly and not too personal.

Two truths and a lie:

This method breaks the ice immediately and you can use it to set a fun vibe from the beginning. Choose your truth and lies well so you get your match into talking and laughing.


Hovalo tip: It’s okay if you find a very cool pickup line on the internet, but think of a way to adapt it according to her profile or your personality to make it unique.


FAQs and Troubleshooting on Hinge

Whether you need further help, something went wrong along the way or you’re only curious about how to have even better chances of success at Hinge, here is a section dedicated to answering the three most asked questions regarding this app.

How to start a conversation on Hinge

The easier way is by adding a comment with every like. Preferably, something that has to do with the part of the profile you liked, as recommended before. This will show your interest and get the conversation rolling if the other person likes you as well.

Due to an infinite number of reasons, you might be tempted to start always and forever with a “Hi” or something else equally boring. I’ll die saying this: don’t. Just don’t.

Remember at all times that you have 4 things to accomplish when messaging:

  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Show you’re truly interested.
  • Give away information about yourself to spark her interest as well.
  • Keep the conversation alive until you’re ready to meet.

Another crucial thing you need to remember is that you’re not the only one who can start a conversation. So make your profile shine. Show the best of you, post good pictures and be creative with your answers to prompts to make your possible matches give you a Like with a comment, and start with the right foot.

Pro tip: Even if you are the shiest guy on Earth, don’t fall into the temptation of tapping the invitation to start a conversation. Do it yourself and give your best. If the other person is the one inviting you to do so, that is your shot! Don’t let it go.

Also, take in mind that Hinge has the “Your Turn” feature like other apps to avoid ghosting. This will indicate to you when it’s time to answer. This way, you won’t have to worry about looking every five minutes to see if the other person answered, and you will avoid getting into full panic mode for forgetting someone.


Hinge questions list

Questions tend to change every few months to keep things updated, help make better matches, and refresh those profiles from time to time, so they may vary. But here’s one list to give you an idea of the kind of prompts you’ll find:

I know the best spot in town for

A shower thought I recently had

A life goal of mine

A random fact I love is

A social cause I care about

All I ask is that you

An overshare

Believe it or not, I 

Best travel story

Biggest risk I’ve taken

Change my mind about

Dating me is like

Do you agree or disagree that 

Don’t hate me if I 

Fact about me that surprises people 

First-round is on me if

Give me travel tips for

I bet you can’t

I geek out on

I get along best with people who

I go crazy for 

I recently discovered that 

I take pride in

I want someone who

I won’t shut up about

I’ll brag about you to my friends if

I’m convinced that 

I’m overly competitive about 

I’m weirdly attracted to 

If loving this is wrong, I don’t want to be right

I’ll fall for you if 

I’ll introduce you to my family if 

I’ll know I’ve found the one when

I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when

I’ll pick the topic if you start the conversation

I’m a regular at 

I’m looking for

I’m the type of texter who

Let’s debate this topic

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page about

Most spontaneous thing I’ve done

My love language is


My love language is

My greatest strength

My ideal date from home

My mantra is 

My most controversial opinion is

My most irrational fear

My simple pleasures

Never have I ever 

One thing I’ll never do again 

Something that’s non-negotiable for me is 

Teach me something about 

The award I should be nominated for

The best way to ask me out is by

The dorkiest thing about me is

The hallmark of a good relationship is 

The key to my heart is 

The one thing I’d love to know about you is 

The one thing you should know about me is

The secret to getting to know me is

The way to win me over is 

This year, I really want to

Together, we could 

Try to guess this about me

Two truths and a lie

Typical Sunday

Unusual skills 

We’ll get along if 

Weirdest gift I’ve given or received 

We’re the same type of weird if 

What I order for the table

What if I told you that

Which is more important to you 

Worst idea I’ve ever had 

You should *not* go out with me if 

You should leave a comment if 

You’ll know I like you if


No Likes on Hinge

There are several reasons why you might not have enough (or none at all) likes on Hinge. 

One of the most common reasons is that the app is known for its bugs, but even though mistakes tend to happen and from time to time Likes or comments sent are not received, it’s more likely that the problem relies upon your profile. 

Here’s a checklist of things that should make an immediate difference:

📷 Amazing pictures:

Showing off physical skills, your hobbies, fun nights out (no exes in this, come on!), and well-edited pictures taken by a professional or under good conditions will always perform better than a selfie in the bathroom with ugly filters.

💡 Excellent answers:

Choose carefully your prompts and craft the answers accordingly. Be interesting, fun, likable, and attractive without losing your essence. Avoid being offensive, depressive, or showing that you haven’t got over your last relationship.

🔎 Search radius:

If you live in a small town, open the radius to find more people. It can be the case that it’s too short to find the right people for you.

🤝 Dealbreakers and preferences:

When you are too specific about what you want, it’s more difficult for Hinge to find matches. It’s okay if you have an ideal type, but if you are planning on finding a woman that’s 5.11”, green eyes, auburn hair, no freckles, who hates smoking, likes weed, loves social drinking, has two dogs, and is a national frisbee champion... you won’t find her.

Use preferences and dealbreakers only for things that you truly won’t tolerate and you’ll be on your way to finding amazing people.

Hovalo tip: This brief checklist applies to every dating app you join, not only Hinge.

Is Hinge free?

Yes. But like almost every other dating app, you also have the option to pay for a subscription. 

There are no complications of tiers and levels like other dating apps have. With Hinge, you’re either a free user or a Preferred Member. But like in most similar sites, rates vary according to a different number of reasons. Here’s the average you can expect (in USD):

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months


$19.99 ($6.99 ea)

$29.99 ($4.99 ea)


$39.99 ($13.33 ea)

$59.99 ($9.99 ea)


Benefits of paying for Hinge

When you become a preferred member, you’ll have:

✔ Unlimited Likes:

As explained before, no more ten-profile daily limit. If you live in a big city, with this feature you should never run out of profiles to like.

👀 See who liked you:

Unlike Tinder Gold or Platinum, you will always be able to see who liked you on Hinge. The only difference is that you’ll be able to jump directly into the profile that appeals to you the most instead of having to go one by one.

⭐ Advanced preferences:

At the moment of setting up the profile, you’ll find questions about religion, family planning, drugs use, and others. Preferred members will see this, and you will be able to see this on other profiles as well.

🤓 Hinge experts:

This is possibly the greatest advantage of paying: Having access to a team of online dating experts who will be at your disposal to answer every and any question you have. Although you can also ask us. We are experts on every dating app, not just Hinge 😉

Final thought of this Hinge review

That was quite a long article. 

Congratulations if you read the whole thing. By now, you should know everything you need to start your way on Hinge like a master or revamp your profile to become one in no time.

And it’s time for a verdict: is Hinge worth it?

Very simple. YES, IT IS.

If you are serious about finding someone, you are willing to put the time and effort into making a good profile and you live in the selected countries, go give it a try. 

Hinge gathers the best of a free service, with the advantages of a serious paid app. Even if you don’t join as a Preferred Member, you can still squeeze a lot of juice from its features and find that special person you’ve been looking for.


And if you have some money around to try the paid subscription, you should know that Hinge has a very reasonable price.

In case that you just want to have fun, maybe go and check our article on Tinder. It’ll be easier for you to find what you want in there than on Hinge.

So this is it. Go ahead and have fun, but remember that if you have any questions or want additional help, you can always schedule a free call so we can review your case and assess you exactly as you deserve.

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