The 6 Best Bumble Openers // Pick-Up Lines for Bumble


You just made a match on Bumble. 

Now it's time to wait for her to give the first step.

Then, it will be your turn to text her a good Bumble pick-up line and start digging your way towards a date, or screw it up and end up ghosted. (Hope that's not your goal)

Here, you'll learn our 6 best Bumble openers but also the secret to why it's so hard to have great starts on Bumble. 

Let's get into it.


Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

Why do all women start with "hey"?

Because women aren't used to starting and leading a romantic conversation.

That simple.

Let's rewind to explain this better.

Bumble empowers women to make the first move after matching; however, at least 70% of all female users will start with Hey, Hi [Name], or Hi, how are you?

Women got used to men approaching them and following the lead unless the man's game was terrible, in which case, they wouldn't help him but find another contender to their love.


This behavior kept going with online dating until Bumble arrived, and now, women don't know where to begin or how to follow, which sets girls up to shift the pressure back on the guy.

Therefore, they will most likely start messaging in the most conventional way and hope that the man does all the heavy lifting to turn around the talk.

You might hate receiving "Hey", but it's better than nothing and your opportunity to take the conversation wherever you want.

And no, having a subscription like Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium won't save you from this.

So, you must be wondering, is it possible to avoid getting the same first message on Bumble?

Yes, of course! We will teach you exactly what to do to make women start with better messages, but first, the openers.


How to talk on Bumble?

You want six copy-paste lines to use now. WE KNOW.

Nonetheless, it's better if you know why these openers work. 

It's not rocket science; just hold on.

As we explain in our course, success in online dating depends on the IEA Model.

We rely most on the I and the E for irresistible Bumble openers.

Interest and Entertainment

Interest is there to get the other person's attention. Once you have someone paying attention, what you do or say next has to increase the interest.

And how do you achieve that?

Exactly. With Entertainment.

Entertainment can be the traditional funny pick-up line, a pun, a joke, a witty observationā€¦ You name it.

Most people find it easier to break the ice through humor and entertainment than diving straight into a deep conversation on a serious topic.

So, that's why we use those two elements in the beginning.

(We will talk about the A of the Model when we get to the part about avoiding "heys" hold on.)

Now that we're clear with the IEA Model basis, you're ready for those lines.


6 Bumble Openers 

First of all: What you reply doesn't need to be related to her boring first message. Don't stress about it.

If her "hey" comes with a standard question like "how are you?", you can answer with one word and move on to the opener.

#1 Hey [Name], I noticed something on your profile

This intriguing line raises her interest. It makes her wonder what you saw on her profile and if it is a good thing or a bad one.

Make sure that there's something on her profile to highlight, and don't throw shit at her from the start, or the line won't make you any favors.


#2 I can deal with [SOMETHING] unless you're expecting to [SOMETHING] on the first date

Our second line relies on stereotyping to work. 

An example of using it is: I can deal with Russians unless you're expecting to drink a whole bottle of vodka on the first date.

Keep it fun and light, so she replies by qualifying herself, affirming she's not that type of girl.

Or perhaps you can start a funny banter that leads to a date.

Hovalo tip: If you don't know what "qualifying herself" means, you can learn everything about types of messages in our course, Online Dating Secrets.


#3 I see we have something in common šŸ˜

When looking for a partner, we tend to get drawn toward things in common.

Stating one of those coincidences from the beginning will create interest and develop a connection from the early stages.


#4 Well, I am here. What were your other two wishes?

It's a funny and confident opener. Two qualities that girls love.

This line is a total banger when your value is higher than hers.


#5 I found out what's wrong with you

Just like number one, this triggering line will have her looking back and forth at her profile, but this time wondering what's wrong.

It works better with prettier girls, and it will score you points when you play it nice about the "wrong" thing.

If you plan to be a douchebag and offend her right off the bat, get ready to be ghosted or shit tested.


#6 Okay, you're cute, and your human looks pretty decent too

Of course, this only works with girls who have pictures with pets.

It uses disqualification as a way of flirting, and it's effective because you complimented their loved friend, so it's all balanced and lets her know that you accept animals (or you should if you matched her).


And these are the six openers for Bumble.

Don't expect her to instantly jump into your bed just because you used a good line. You still have a whole conversation ahead of you, and luckily, you started it well.

But we promised you a way to avoid the horrible "hey".

Let's get into that. 


The Power of a Great Bio

Your only way to unchain a reaction better than "hey" after you matched is to have something so powerful that she can't fathom not pointing it out.

Here's where the A of the IEA Model comes into play.

The last component stands for Attraction, which is exactly what you need to make her send something that sparks a real conversation right away.

Your photos will fill her eyes, but your bio is the last straw to make her type more than the standard greeting.

You can already get some ideas on impressive bios with our article about creative Tinder bios, but expect more on this in the future.

Before you come crying to us: a great bio isn't a guarantee that you won't receive a "Hey" or a "Hi!" or a "How are you?" ever again.

It will decrease them considerably and make women jump faster from the traditional greetings to the juicy part.

Time to use the openers!

This was it for Bumble pick-up lines.

Use them wisely, tell us in the comments if you have any other effective messages, and see you in the next one.


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