About Hovalo - The origin story

I smashed my phone on the table. People looked up. I was frustrated by another conversation utterly ruined. How did I get in this situation?

It all started when I was 19. My girlfriend back then dumped me for my best friend. In a single day, I went from having what I thought was a good relationship and an unbreakable friendship, to be left alone.

As you can imagine, that was one of the worst days of my life.

Ever since, I became laser focused on learning what made her change me for him. My motivation went far, and I learned tons of social psychology, especially regarding what makes you attractive and what makes people turn off.

With years of trying out theories back and forth, I was finally able to leave my frustrated and lonely nineteen year-old me behind. From that point on, I was surrounded by amazing women and living incredible experiences I never thought possible for someone like myself. 

As my success with girls kept growing, people started coming to me asking for guidance. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one wondering why relationships failed. So, I decided to take my knowledge towards the next level now that my love life was better than ever.

I had started Geron Online Marketing to develop consumer focused websites that helped people improve their buying cycles, but during my long hours working on founding the business, I realized that I was lacking something: The time to meet amazing women. 

I remember it clearly how I lost my momentum

Grinding on my work and in the short breaks I had to look at my phone, I would set up my Tinder, and managed to start a couple of conversations with girls. 

Alas, the conversations went slow, I would say stupid things and the conversations would go be screwed after a while. 

I snapped out of it. The ghost of my betrayed nineteen year old me was haunting me again.

What was going on? I had dedicated so much time learning to attract spectacular women, and now I had issues with just talking to average girls. Why was this happening again?

Then it hit me... 

I was focused on business, websites, staff, finances... My brain was constantly calculating things and thinking about a million other topics bothering me. I was in the EXACT opposite headspace that was needed to get good results from online dating.

That same day, I swore to myself I’d find a way to fix that problem for entrepreneurs and professionals who wanted to have nice people in their life, but who couldn’t afford to spend several hours a week just texting people to potentially meet.

Since then, I started working on this dream, which led to the start of Hovalo in 2019. 

In Hovalo, we take over the dating profiles of entrepreneurs and high level professionals who are working an average of 50 to 100 hours a week, but still want to meet nice people and potential life partners. 

Our service is large and goes from helping setting up their profile, to recommending potential matches, and helping them to keep the chemistry going after the first date. 

We are creating the service that we would like to have, because we believe that creating a great and unique service helps build the foundation for the exact kind of relationship that our clients deserve.

Are you interested in boosting your love life as far as your career? Let’s schedule a call and see how we can assist you in getting your love life back on track.