Creative Opening Lines for Online Dating Conversations

Opening lines play a massive role in online dating.

You only have seconds to catch someone's attention and spark her curiosity.

That's why your opening line is crucial.

It can make or break your chances of getting a response, a date, or even a relationship.

But how do you come up with a creative opening line that stands out from the crowd and showcases your personality?

In this article, we'll share some tips and examples of how to craft a catchy and original message that will get you noticed and start a conversation.


Shortcuts to jump right into what you want to know:

Stop the "Hey" "Hello" and "How are You"

Starting every conversation with "hi", "hey" or "how are you" is a bad idea for several reasons.

First of all, it's bland and generic. It doesn't show any personality or interest in the other person.

It's also lazy and low-effort. It puts the burden of carrying the conversation on the other person, who might not have anything to say back.

And finally, it's unoriginal and forgettable. It doesn't make you stand out from the hundreds of other guys sending the same message.

You're basically telling the other person you don't care enough to think of something more creative and engaging.


Creative Opening Lines to Break the Ice

Personalized Compliment

Complimenting her was probably your first thought after ruling out the standard greeting.

Let us tell you a secret: it's not such a better idea if you compliment her looks.

What you can do is highlight something unique about her profile, whether it's her hobbies, a passion, or her sense of style.

Personalizing the compliment demonstrates that you've taken the time to notice and appreciate her individuality.

Not to mention that she will appreciate the change of pace.

•You have a great eye for photography. What kind of camera do you use?

•Your pet is so adorable. How long have you had him/her?

•You always look so chic and confident. Perhaps I could use a shopping session with you 😉


Playful Tease

Injecting a playful and lighthearted tone into your opening line can create an instant sense of rapport and fun. A well-executed tease shows your wit and can lead to engaging banter.

Hovalo Tip: Learn how to master successful online banter and teasing in this article.

•I have a feeling you're a troublemaker in disguise. Your mischievous smile gives it away! 😄

•You look familiar. Have we met before? Or maybe I just saw you on the FBI's most-wanted list.

•You seem like a nice person. Too bad I'm only looking for trouble.


Shared Interest or Question

Highlight a common interest or ask an intriguing question about her profile to initiate a conversation and showcase your compatibility.

If you play it well, this first question can be the guiding thread that leads you to a successful date.

•I noticed you're a coffee enthusiast like me. What's your go-to order: a classic cappuccino or a bold espresso shot?

•You had me at music festivals but lost me at cats. Just kidding, I love cats too. 🐱

•I see you like music festivals. Do you prefer the ones with or without mud?


Thought-Provoking Opener

Pose an intriguing question or a thought-provoking statement encouraging the other person to share her perspective. This approach can spark meaningful conversations and showcase your intellectual curiosity.

Bonus points if you can link the question to something in her profile.

•If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

•What pizza topping would you be if you had to choose? (Please don't say pineapple, that's a deal-breaker)

•If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? (Bonus points if you can make it rhyme)


Humorous Opener

A well-timed joke or clever wordplay can break the ice and create an instant connection through shared laughter. However, try to keep it lighthearted because you still don't know the other person's humor sense.

•I'm not sure if you're a dream or a nightmare, but I'm willing to find out.

•You look familiar. Are you the one who stole my heart or my wallet?

•I'm not sure how this works, are we married now?

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Optimizing Your Profile for Successful Conversations

You can have the best openers ever, but they will be useless if your profile can't get any likes in the first place.

We say it over and over with every article and video, so here is one more time in case you are new here: your profile matters the most.

You have only a few seconds to make a positive impression on someone swiping, so focus on these two things:

Profile Pictures

  • Forget about the terrible selfies in the bathroom and the gym.
  • Get a dedicated photoshoot, preferably with a photographer specialized in online dating.
  • Make sure your pictures show different phases of your life: hobbies, passions, everyday life, and why a girl would want to be a part of that.
  • If necessary, edit the pictures to highlight the best parts of yourself and conceal others.
  • Portray comfort, confidence, and security in your pictures.
  • Avoid group photos where you aren't the most attractive or with girls (even if it's your sister)

Hovalo Tip: For detailed tips on how to get the perfect pictures, head over to this article, or check out this one to learn more about excellent photo editing.


Bio and Prompts

  • Stay away from all the self-deprecating humor.
  • Combine wit, humor, emotion, and storytelling.
  • Prompt her to take the first step in the conversation.
  • Be genuine and authentic.
  • Don't use emojis in excess.
  • Take note of the character limit of every app.
  • Choose prompts that align best with who you are and what you're looking for.
  • Avoid copy-pasting bio and prompt ideas from the internet. Give them your own twist!

Hovalo Tip: Become an expert bio writer after reading this article with the best and funniest bio ideas.


Opening Line Nailed. Now what?

You sent a great line that earned a response.


The next step is to level up your overall texting so you can turn the conversation into a date.

That's the hardest part. We know.

That's why we have developed our own texting method, used with each of our clients to ensure they go on the exact type of dates that they want.

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Time to get dates!

Now that you have a handful of opening lines to get you started, go ahead and wow some matches with your charm.

If you want further help, contact us or learn how we can do it all for you by heading to our online dating outsourcing page.

See you at the next one!


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