You sent likes on Hinge, you made a match, and now that invitation to start the chat looks inside your soul, daring you not to screw it up.

How can you avoid this?

Well, one of the ways is by hiring Hovalo to outsource Hinge for you.

The other one is to get our course Online Dating Secrets and become an expert texter just like us.

The quickest option is to keep reading and learn a few funny Hinge pick-up lines.

As a bonus, by the end of this article, you will also know the following:

  • Why they don’t always work
  • Which ones to avoid, and 
  • How to get more matches on Hinge

Ready? Let’s go!


Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

Breaking the Ice on Hinge

When it comes to Hinge, we gotta talk about the elephant in the room first:

Sending a great comment with every like will save you the pain of thinking about how to come up with a great pick-up line for every match.

Will this take a bit more effort?

Yes, but it also will save you some headaches.

That said, another strategy you can use is by making her send the first message.

How do you achieve this?

With good answers to your prompts, of course!



If you don't know anything about online dating or are entirely new to Hinge (read our full review about Hinge if it's the latter), you should know that Hinge doesn't have profile bios.

Instead, you have prompts to fill out that show on your profile.

The answers you give will have a double function: 

  1. Help your potential matches know you better (and hopefully be interested in you).
  2. Make them initiate the chat by replying to them.

When you achieve the second, you no longer have to worry about pick-up lines.


Pick-up Lines

When you're unsure about the things you can add to your profile and how to come up with triggering prompt answers, pick-up lines are the solution.

Having a handful of good pick-up lines within your texting arsenal can be an excellent way to start on the right foot.

Let's learn some!


7 Funny Hinge pick-up Lines

Here are our seven favorite pick-up lines for Hinge:

What do you call a string of people lifting a mozzarella cheese? A cheesy pick-up line.

For a better effect, send the question as your first message and wait for her response to share the punch line.

The benefit of this text is that, unlike many other Hinge pick-up lines, it doesn't throw her a useless compliment.

Hi, my name is [your name], but you can call me tonight.

A bold way to start off. Mind that this will work better when your value is equal or higher and/or when she has a good sense of humor.


Are you Wi-Fi? Cause I'm totally feeling a connection. 

The best thing about this line is that it can be used later in the conversation instead!

We're not a door, but Hinge can make us stick together.

Hinge claims to be the app to be deleted, isn't it?

If you and I were socks, we'd make a great pair.

Cheesy, simple, and you're not throwing blind compliments. To make it more personalized, you can start by mentioning something both of you have in common.


I see you're a fashion lover. Lucky you, there's a massive clothes sale in my bedroom – everything is 100% off!

The success of this line will rely on your value being bigger than hers and that she has at least some interest in fashion to pull it off.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

Another line that can be used later in the conversation when your value isn't quite there yet.


Be Aware of This

Before mindlessly sending pick-up lines to all your matches, you must know that they might not work all the time or with everyone.

Like every other message, the reply will depend on several factors you can't control.

However, as mentioned in some of the lines, their success will depend on your value against hers.

When this is the case that your value is higher, it will be much easier for her to give you a positive reply.

In other cases, you risk that your pick-up line turns into a roast.

AKA an insult (done playfully).

If this happens, you need to have thick skin, don't be butthurt about it, and be smart about your reply to keep the match and close it well.

Hovalo Tip: If you are unsure about using a pick-up line (or a roast) with someone, you can always ask beforehand! Even if she says no, you already started the conversation and are on your way to go 😉


The Alternative to Hinge pick-up Lines: Best openers for Hinge

Some people are just not made for pick-up lines.

It might be the case that you are one of those, and you know what? 

It's okay!

A pick-up line is one of many ways to start a conversation.

Openers that prompt direct responses or make the other person choose are among Hinge's new favorite conversation starters.

Here are 4 Hinge openers you can try now.


Two truths and a lie; ready, set, go!

According to Hinge, this is the absolute best pick-up line you can use in the app.

It's funny, fast, and prompts an answer without being an interview.

Hovalo Tip: You can tweak this line and add your own two truths and one line to get her guessing right off.

Sunday priorities: Hiking, Netflix, or crazy mimosas? 

See the similarity?

Giving a chance to choose between answers that range from normality to funny is living their best time right now.

Hovalo Tip: If you want to screen the person for something specific before getting deep in conversation, this is a great chance to do so without getting serious.


Which 90s song would be the best title for your life?

Talking about music when you both enjoy it is never a mistake. 

You can change the decade for the one you know best or make it a genre instead and have a good banter about it.

Choose your dream job: panda cuddler or coffee tester

Talking about work on Hinge might not be the most exciting topic until you come up with fun alternatives that can prompt a good conversation.


Make Your Own Funny pick-up Lines

When you just started texting, it's okay to rely on copy-paste lines to learn what works and doesn't.

However, some girls will appreciate it more when you come up with your own lines.

Don't shy away!

This can be as simple as using some of our pick-up lines as inspiration.

Change a detail here or say the phrase with your own words to start, and that's it!

As you practice more, it will get easier to make pick-up lines right off the bat.


She Replied! Now What?

You sent her a pick-up line, and she replied! Yay!

Now, what's next?

The following steps should be obvious: keep the talk going, make her see what a good match you are, and take her on a date!

A pick-up line is always just a way to break the ice, don't forget that.

Once that is achieved, it's up to you to lead the conversation toward what you prefer.

Hovalo Tip: Remember that if you are completely lost on how to text, our course Online Dating Secrets is here to help you change that.


Pick-up Lines You SHOULDN’T Use

So far, we've covered some of the funniest pick-up lines, the best Hinge openers, and you've learned a few tricks to come up with your own conversation starters.

It's time to mention some lines you should avoid:

  • I must be a snowflake because I've fallen for you
  • I know you're busy today, but can you add me to your to-do list?
  • Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?
  • Hey, my name's Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  • Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.
  • Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?
  • There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number in it.
  • If you were a fruit, you'd be "fine-apple"
  • Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you.
  • I wish I were cross-eyed so I can see you twice.
  • I must be in a museum because you truly are a work of art.

Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?

Essentially, if you found it by Googling "best pick-up lines", don't use it.


  • You are not the only guy looking for them
  • Chances are that your match has already seen them
  • They make you seem clingy and needy
  • Most of these rely on compliments that don't trigger a positive response
  • They can lower your value

Most girls prefer something original, especially those who've spent some time using dating apps.

Don't let them down in favor of being lazy!

Hovalo Tip: If you don't have time to put in the required effort to text properly, we can do it for you! Check out how our online dating management service works.


Pick-up Lines Based on Names

Finding a girl named Siri, Alexa, Faith, or Destiny might make you think this is your chance to be original with that copy-paste line we didn't include in the last section.

Sorry to break it; girls with common names for pick-up lines are already sick and tired of receiving the same texts repeatedly.

In this case, you have three options: 

Come up with something truly unique they haven't seen before (not taken from any website)

Address the issue in a lighthearted way without making her befriend you instead of flirting

Forget about it and treat her like any other girl.

Bonus points if you create a good pick-up line for a girl with a name that's not common for name puns and pick-up lines.


Getting More Matches on Hinge

That’s it! 

Now you have all the knowledge you need to start chatting with your matches on Hinge in the best way.

Although if your problem is that you’re not getting as many matches on Hinge as you would like, you can check out our video to learn how to improve this and try later our pick-up lines.

See you at the next one!

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