If you’ve been on Bumble for a while, you’ve probably been tempted by the app into paying for Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

Well, the time has come for you to decide whether it’s worth it to open the wallet in the name of matches.

And you’ve come to the right place to make that decision.

In this article, we will: 

  • Explore all the Bumble Premium features,
  • Do a Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost match,
  • Share how much Bumble Premium costs,
  • Give a little troubleshooting and hacks,
  • Tell you if Bumble Premium is worth it, and
  • Reveal if there’s a chance to get Bumble Premium for free.

Ready for it? Let’s go.

Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

Shortcuts to skip right into what you want to know:

What Is Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium is the top subscription (and most expensive) that you will find within Bumble.

It has all the features of Bumble Boost plus a LOT more.

Also, you don’t have to spend money on extras like Spotlights and SuperSwipes since you’ll be already paying for them.

Let’s look at the features you’ll unlock when you get Bumble Premium.


Bumble Premium Features

Unlimited Likes

Swipe right all day long without limits.

With this, you will never wonder again if that hotty you couldn’t like was the right one.

Hovalo Tip: Having Unlimited Likes doesn’t mean that nice profiles will appear by magic.

Your profile needs to be high quality, and you must be in a place with plenty of Bumble users for potential matches to flood your feed.


Unlimited Extends

Bumble Premium lets you give 24 extra hours to all of your matches to send the first message.

Forget about deciding who’s worth your only daily Extend and send them to everyone!


Unlimited Rematch

Bring back to life all of your expired conversations and matches with a tap.

Hovalo Tip: It’s much better if you don’t let talks go to waste.

You can grab our favorite Bumble pick-up lines and have entertaining conversations that end in a date and not a second chance.


Unlimited Backtrack

Whenever you let go of a hotty by accident, bring the profile back to swipe it right.

No matter how often this happens, you will always have the chance to recover the slip.



Stop swiping and head straight into matching by seeing who has liked you. 

No more frustrating guessing with blurred pictures!


Advanced Filters

Picky matcher? Bumble Premium has your back.

Apply all the filters you want to find the woman of your dreams and avoid dealing with people who aren’t your type.

When you know what you are looking for, this feature will save you a lot of time.

Hovalo Tip: Applying too many filters can cut off the likes you receive and the profiles you see. Better to use this feature only for absolute dealbreakers.


Incognito Mode

Keep your profile private and still swipe with this function.

Just the people you’ve Liked will be able to see your profile and for the rest, it will remain hidden from their feeds. 

Useful if you are well-known somewhere and you don’t want everyone to find out you’re looking for a significant other.


Travel Mode

Change your location to meet with people in other countries.

The downside to this feature is that your profile will be shown in Travel Mode, which can take some fun away if you’re not actually going to visit the place.


5 Weekly SuperSwipes

Tell a potential match how much you liked her.

When she goes to her Beeline, your SuperSwipe will set your profile apart from standard likes.


1 Weekly Spotlight

Be at the top of the feed in your area for 30 minutes and gain more matches at once.

Remember that an excellent profile and knowing when to use this Bumble Premium feature will increase your chances of having high-quality girls coming your way.

For better results, use your Spotlight on Sunday between 8 and 10 pm since that’s the most popular time to use the app.

Pro Tip: Using two Spotlights at the same time will give you 150 minutes of exposure.

Hovalo Tip: Don’t be greedy with your SuperSwipes and Spotlights!

They don’t accumulate, and you will always receive new ones each week, so put them to good use and find the perfect match for you faster.


How Much Is Bumble Premium

This is the average you can expect when paying for the most expensive Bumble Premium subscription:

  • 1 week at $19.99
  • 1 month at $39.99
  • 3 months at $76.99
  • 6 months at $109.99
  • Lifetime at $195.99

Let’s face it, Bumble Premium isn’t cheap. 

The good news is that in the same way that most dating apps do, prices vary from place to place.

And yes, you can save a lot depending on the country or city where you live.

Also, there’s a chance you can get Bumble Premium (or Boost) with a discount, but we’ll get there in a minute.

  • How to Get Bumble Premium For Free

  • Bumble Premium APK

  • Bumble Premium Discount

  • Why is Bumble Premium So Expensive?

  • Bumble Premium Lifetime

How to Get Bumble Premium For Free

Unless you find a sugar mommy (or daddy) there’s no legal way to get Bumble Premium for free.

Yes, such sad news.

But it is what it is.

I mean, imagine that you’re a Real Estate agent and go around giving homes for free… Same issue here.

Remember that online dating is a business too.


Bumble Premium Hack

Want a trick for Bumble Premium?

There’s a third discount that you can get.

However, depending on your situation it might be a little tricky to pull off.

The Bumble Premium hack to pay less?

Change your location.

No, not with Travel Mode.

Actually pack your bags and go!

Depending on the country—or even the city—, Bumble Premium prices can drop (or rise) significantly.

So it’s not the same fee for someone in London, as someone in the Philippines, as for someone in the US.


Bumble Premium Not Working

In some cases, Bumble Premium might show some glitches and in others, it’s a bit your fault (sorry not sorry).

Let’s see the most common issues that Bumble Premium presents.

Not Getting Likes / No One in the Beeline

If your Beeline was empty before paying, don’t expect to get a thousand Likes in two minutes.

Give the app the chance to work a little magic.

When you’ve given enough time and Likes still don’t appear, you need to check that:

  • There aren’t many filters activated
  • You live in a populated area with enough Bumble users
  • Your profile is attractive and high-quality
  • It’s not an inactive time in the app (Monday to Friday during working hours)

If you’re not sure which one is your case, you can schedule a coaching session so we can help!


Bumble Asks to Pay Again

Whether this is because of a glitch on Bumble or it happens after an account reset, you got to take this issue directly to Bumble’s support team.

The advantage here is that, unlike other dating apps, Bumble lets you transfer your subscription to a new account after you let them know the details, so your money won’t go to waste.


Expired Connections are Gone

Although Bumble Premium comes with Unlimited Rematches, the app’s philosophy relies on staying in touch with people and avoiding forgotten matches.

This means that after joining Bumble Premium (or Boost), you will only have the chance to rescue the last five expired matches and the new ones to come.

No need to remind you that it’s best if you don’t let matches expire, right?


How to Cancel Bumble Premium

Steps to cancel your subscription to Bumble will vary depending on how you purchased it.

Here we go over all of them.

In all cases, you won’t get refunds but you will be able to keep using the subscription until the next billing period.

  • Cancel Bumble Premium From iOS

  • Cancel Bumble Premium From Android

  • Cancel Bumble Premium From Web

Cancel Bumble Premium from iOS (iTunes Store)

  1. Settings → iTunes & App Store
  2. Tap Apple ID at the top
  3. Media & Purchases
  4. View Account
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Select Bumble
  7. Cancel Subscription or select another option that fits best.

Bumble Premium vs Boost

Now that you know pretty much everything about Bumble Premium, time for a face-off against the cheaper brother, Bumble Boost.

Bumble Boost includes:

  • Unlimited Backtrack
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • One weekly Spotlight
  • Five weekly SuperSwipes

Bumble Premium includes:

  • Unlimited Backtrack
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Unlimited Rematch
  • One weekly Spotlight
  • Five weekly SuperSwipes 
  • Beeline
  • Advanced Filters
  • Incognito Mode
  • Travel Mode

Half the features imply that you’ll pay only half the price (Or less):

  • 1 week at $8.99
  • 1 month at $16.99
  • 3 months at 33.99
  • 6 months at $54.99

Against Bumble Premium prices:

  • 1 week at $19.99
  • 1 month at $39.99
  • 3 months at $76.99
  • 6 months at $109.99

With that in mind, go for Bumble Boost or stay with the free version if:

  • You’re still not fully committed to finding people,
  • You’re bad at using the app often,
  • Your texting skills aren’t that good,
  • You forget to reply,
  • Let matches expire too often,
  • You are on a budget,
  • You can flirt without hiding and (or),
  • You don’t travel or change locations often.

Hovalo Tip: If the first five points are your main issues with online dating, take a look at our outsourcing service and learn how we can fix all these problems for you.


Is Bumble Premium Worth It?

Here’s a checklist to help you decide:

  • I live in a big populated area or plan to move to one soon
  • I have a fantastic profile that gets me lots of likes
  • I don’t want to waste time swiping
  • My dating radius is larger than 99 miles (160 kilometers)
  • I don’t want my profile visible to everyone
  • I have standards for the people I like to date
  • I travel frequently and want to find dates in the places I visit
  • I’m an avid user of Bumble or have Hovalo doing the work for me
  • Paying the subscription isn’t an issue

Hovalo Tip: In this article you can find Bumble's newest features to help your decision.


If you marked at least half of this list and your still not convinced, why not get Bumble Premium for a week, see how it works, and if the results are satisfying, get a larger subscription later on.

Before we go, keep in mind that an outstanding profile in combination with SuperSwipes and Spotlights is more than enough to grant you excellent matches.

Also, if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the exclusive Bumble Premium features, you probably are better with Bumble Boost, so you can also get a week of the cheaper subscription to try and see which one works best.

Of course, if you have more questions or think that you need professional assistance before getting Bumble Premium (or any other subscription), you can reach out to Hovalo and we will assist you from the beginning to the end of your online dating process and save you all the trouble.

This was all for this one, see you at the next one!


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