Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's about Hovalo's Online Dating Outsourcing

We know you are interested in our service. We get this often. But there are probably some questions that you are currently having  

Why Bring In A Online Matchmaker?

Let's be real. Your life is already complex and busy. Besides that, you probably don't enjoy the minefield that texting can be.
But what are you interested in? You probably are interested in meeting amazing and interesting people that match who you are.
We take away all the negatives from dating and give you better positives.

Is This Also For Women?

Yes - We don't work exclusively for men. There is more and more demand from women towards a professional high-quality online matchmaker like Hovalo. We understand that your needs might be a little bit different so we make sure that we get all your needs clear.

Getting Quality Matches

We get asked frequent if we actually are able to get matches with attractive people and the answer is simple. Online dating isn't something exclusive to average looking people. So yes we are getting dates with attractive people. We even have worked with very attractive men and women.

If you still have doubt about us not being able to find the quality you are looking for then feel free to send us a message to [email protected] 

Somebody will find out that I am using this service

Most people have given their phones to friends to help them with texting. Well, this is the same but then better. We never had a situation where somebody found out. Besides the texting part, we are very discreet and all our employees have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements.

For a lot of reasons - one being control and privacy - we also don't work with any subcontractors. All the work that gets done gets done by our internal team of professionals.

Is Hovalo's Service Confidential?

Yes - We keep our client's information like last name and other information hidden from most staff members. On top of that - all our staff members have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements. We think our client's privacy is extremely important.
We often work with high capital, important and sometimes also famous people. It is because of this that we know our clients value their privacy and secrecy.

Can I use Hovalo's service for multiple cities or while I'm traveling?

One of the beauties about online dating is that you don't have to be somewhere to still get matches from that area. So Yes - it is possible for us to get you dates in multiple cities or for a business/leisure trip you have.

The only thing we need is a heads-up a week before your trip and we can start working on getting you dates for that location.

Do you set up blind dates or how do I know I will like this person?

Traditional matchmakers often set up blind dates. We don't believe in this philosophy.

We offer transparency at Hovalo, and our clients are always the final decision-maker. Our clients get to see all interested people before anything gets set up.

Nevertheless, if you find it entertaining to have blind dates then we of course can provide this service for you.

Is it possible that I won't get accepted?

Unfortunately, our service isn't for everyone, and we have multiple reasons for not accepting people who are interested in our service.

For one, we are getting a lot of interest from people. Our goal is to serve our clients well and, in that pursuit, we aren't able to take on everyone as a client.

We also know that we can't deliver you the moon on a silver platter. We aren't in the business of making up fantasies. We are in the business of getting you to your dating goals. If we can't get you what you are looking for, then we tell you upfront.

Is your question not answered, and are you curious about our service? Feel free to schedule a call so we can give you personal advice or send us an email to [email protected]