Case Study #2: David

Executive Saves $10,000 and Gets 3 Dates Every Week

We often have clients who work in the finance industry, and David, our case study, is a prime example of it. 

David is an executive at a finance firm who was looking to get his dating life back on track after the impact of Covid and his work intensity took priority.

Client Background

David was doing okay with women for most of his life, but when he focused on his career and became an executive, he didn’t have the time to go out that much. 

On top of that, Covid didn’t help most people’s dating life and David was one of them.

Previous Situation

Before getting on board with Hovalo, David was getting very few dates.

He was sometimes meeting girls while being out, but this was irregular and did not satisfy his needs. He wanted to meet women who were well-educated, smart, and attractive but he didn’t have the time to work on his dating life.

The Process

David didn’t have any dating profiles before joining us, so we created accounts on the apps that we thought would get the best results. With our specialized team and great internal resources, it was easy for us to run multiple dating profiles at the same time. 

From previous photoshoots, we were able to select two good photos. This was not an ideal number of photos to display on any dating profile so we helped him get more (and better) photos.

As always, we had our professional editor retouch his photos so we could work our magic. We have developed a system where we use scientific data on what makes people attractive so we are able to make minor adjustments to get a lot better photos.

This made the main photo for his profile turn from an 8,4 in attractiveness to a 9.8! 


After working on his new profiles, we identified that 2 out of the 3 apps were performing better, and thus we focused more of our effort on those. With our optimized texting, we got an average of 3 numbers per week for David to arrange for quality dates.

As you can imagine, having 3 dates a week takes up some time. For this reason, we helped David with optimizing his dating process as well. This helped him minimize dating women he wasn’t interested in and allowed him to spend that time with women he liked more or to focus on work. We helped him decrease the average time spent on a date by 30 minutes.

The Results

  • On average, David gets 12 quality dates a month with our service. 
  • David saves around 12 to 36 hours per month on his enjoyable dating life.
  • Based on David’s hourly income, he is saving more than $10.000 per month with our professional dating outsourcing service.
Result: David got a vibrant dating life dating 3 women a week while saving himself $10.000 a month.

How did you find Hovalo and what made you want to use our service?

"Well, I know you guys from the email you sent me. The reason I started is that I didn’t have much to lose and a lot to gain. So far, I’m very satisfied with what you guys have done and am happy to keep things going."

Confidentiality and Privacy

We sign an NDA with all our clients to keep their secrecy. For this reason, all the personal data is redacted or removed and there is no  possible connection between the case study and the client. For the same reason, we also changed his name to avoid any potential recognition.

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