Is Tinder Gold Worth it? An Expert's Analysis of Tinder

You want to know if Tinder Gold is worth it to spend your precious money on. That’s a great question. We all want value for our money so let’s run you through this thing. 

What’s up you beautiful people! 

My name is Koen Geron. I'm an online dating coach and owner of Hovalo. Today I’m presenting this mammoth article for you.

Make sure you read the whole article because I have some amazing tips sprinkled in like stardust.

If you don’t know what Tinder Gold is then you probably have been living under a rock because Tinder Gold has been around for a while. 

Tinder Gold was launched into the universe in July 2017 (yes, we are getting old) and is the follow-up service after we got Tinder Plus earlier. Recently Tinder Platinum has been launched for some people that have a few more options. 

But let’s start with Tinder Gold first!

In this article you will learn:

What is Tinder Gold and what are the features?

Tinder gold is like an add on to your profile. You keep your current profile and unlock some special goodies. These include all the features that you already get with Tinder Plus.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room…

Feature #1 - See Who Likes You

YES! Yes, you can see who likes you. All those fantasies that you have about all those cute girls or guys that have swiped you in the last weeks are available for your hungry soul.

This is probably the most fun feature that makes you feel the best (Although boosts are a good second).

This will give you some extra matches but if you would swipe actively it doesn’t make a crazy difference. Expect that tinder holds back about 10% - 20% matches when you swipe actively.

Is this always necessary or useful? Not really. Is it fun? Hell Yes!

When is this useful

When you are a busy busy man of course the best course of action is to outsource your tinder to us since we are way better at it. But Tinder is a must. When only want to spend the bare minimum of time it’s useful to just pick from the girls that already like you. No need for swipe swipe swipe.

When is this useless

When you are a busy, busy man, of course the best course of action is to outsource your tinder to us since we are way better at it. But Tinder is a must. When only want to spend the bare minimum of time it’s useful to just pick from the girls that already like you. No need for swipe swipe swipe.

- The "See Who Likes You" feature gets a 4/5

Feature #2 - Tinder Picks

Are you tired of needing to swipe left the whole time because you don’t find the girl interesting? Yea I know how you feel. That’s what I just did 5 minutes ago. 

I wanted to see how long it would take for me to spend 5 super likes by just going through a client’s suggested profiles. Let me tell you it took longer than 5 minutes. 

So you want some hotties? Tinder got you covered. With Top Picks you get a selection of 6 to 10 profiles every day that are scoring very good (your tinder score is called ELO ranking - same as in chess). 

Top Picks 2 bl

Now Tinder wanted to show it has some great AI and act all fancy.

So they came up with a title system.

People can have a number of titles added to their profiles when they are shown in Top Picks.

Now this is going to influence your decision HUGELY!

Yes it does not. It’s barely any use. But you know how comes are. When they can brag about using AI they get a little wet.

The labels that you can see are as follows:

  • Fashionista
  • Surfer
  • Scholar
  • Creative
  • Traveler
  • Athlete
  • Model
  • Yogi
  • Adventurer
  • Doctor
  • Entrepreneur

This is another feature that is great to save time. 

- The Tinder Picks feature gets a 4/5

Feature #3 - See how many likes

How many likes feature bl

Now I’m not going to lie. This is just a small little feature that you get with Tinder Gold. Unless you have Tinder Gold you are actually not exactly able to see how many likes you have. 

When you have tinder gold you do get these numbers. 

One useful feature is that you can see how much likes you are getting from your magical Tinder Boosts.

- The "See How Many Likes" feature gets a 1/5

Feature #4 - Unlimited Swipes

Back in the days you could swipe on tinder all day long with all accounts. Those were also the times where all the guys would swipe right on EVERY woman (You can admit it, this is a safe space). 

Now those days are over. Currently, you are limited to 100 swipes a day. Not the most when you are slightly picky and have some time on your hands. 

With Tinder Gold (also included in Plus) you get as much swipes as you want. 

This feature is definitely useful when you just arrive in a new city or are going on holiday somewhere. This can give you all the matches so you can set up all the dates that you want. Or have enough matches to ask what to do for sightseeing and where to get your clothes cleaned (Yes, this is how I often also use tinder).

- The "Unlimited Swipes" feature gets a 4/5

Note: This function is also included in Tinder Plus.

Feature #5 - Passport Function

Tinder's Passport Feature

This is actually the function we always use when we run a Tinder profile for our clients. We set the location to the client’s city and then start swiping. 

If we wouldn't do this than we would get clients girls all over the world and probably not the city they live it 😉 That's not what we want since we want results for our clients!

So what is the Passport function? With Tinder Passport you can set your location to another place.

Now, most people don’t use this themselves because they all have hired Hovalo to outsources their tinder so we use it for them (my dream). 

Okay okay.. I will admit that's not the case 😉

Most people live in 1 city 95% of the year and have 1 - 3 times they travel. The passport function for those people is only useful those times that they travel.

- When you sometimes travel this feature gets a 5/5

- When you never travel this feature gets a 2/5

Note: This function is also included in Tinder Plus.

Feature #6 - Smart Photos

Smart photo's

Are you ready for a tricky one? Well, here we go with Tinder’s Smart Photos. 

Have you ever wondered which one of your photos is good and which one is bad? Of course you have. Like everyone. With Smart Photos tinder tries to analyze which ones are actually good and bad. 

Tinder has gone as far as saying that this feature gives people 12% more matches. 

At first, you will think. Well that’s a handy feature. And you might be right. But there is a catch.

This function only works well if you get swiped right often. If only 0,2% of the girls swipe you then there is a big chance this function is completely useless.

Another by-product is that Tinder is constantly changing your photo to test it. This has good and bad sides. By showing your profile multiple times to a prospective match they might realize you have tinder gold. 

The good side is that your profile is shown more times to a prospect. 

Another downside is that your current matches can see you change your profile constantly. Also maybe not the greatest. 

So what is an alternative to getting your photos rated? Well I got my own team girls that give feedback on my photos and my clients photos. This works great. Now I understand you might not have access to that. So you can use photofeeler.com where you can get feedback from random people.

Verdict: Useful function when you are attractive. When you have a normal profile it has less utility 

- The "Smart Photos" feature gets a 4/5

Note: This function is also included in Tinder Plus.

Tinder Before and After Smart Photos

Feature #7 - Tinder Boost

Sometimes you just know stuff is gold. Not to confuse with Tinder Gold 😉 But our beloved Tinder Boost is the gold stuff we are looking for.

If I had to choose 1 function of tinder to keep it’s this one. 

A Tinder Boost is simple. It will boost your visibility by a 30-minute duration. During this duration, you will get way more matches than you normally get. If normally you would get 0 to 2 matches in 30 minutes. With a tinder boost, you can get 10 - 500. 

Remember the last time you were on tinder at 5 AM? Yeah me neither. I want you to understand that not all timeframes are created equally. Also, some days are trash to use Tinder Boosts. 

Now with Tinder Gold, you get 1 free boost. So use it wisely young padawan.

Meme1 comp

Currently, there are also longer boosts, This is called a Super Boost (Did you notice tinder [1] likes to sell you stuff? If so you are right)

The price of super boosts for me currently is:

  • 3 hour Super Boost - €43,99 
  • 6 hour Super Boost - €74,99
  • 12 hour super boost - €144,99
Super boost c

The prices on desktop are actually cheaper though. These are:

  • 3 hour Super Boost - $36
  • 6 hour Super Boost - $63
  • 12 hour super boost $117

The super boosts are there for 3, 6 or 12 hours. Now you must think they might cost you a buck or 2. And you are not wrong. These will drain your bank account real quick.

- The "Tinder Boost" feature gets a 6/5 (Yes I'm cheating)

Feature #8 - Super Likes x5

A blue screen would pop up. 

“Someone Super Likes You”.

This is it, you are a worthy person! People like you and you are popular. That is what it used to be. 

Girls and guys used to be very excited about receiving super likes from people. 

Now it is a bit less. Girls receive more super likes and you need something more. 

If your first photo is bad then a super like isn’t really worth it. Cause if they have enough reason to swipe left with just that small picture then you’re not making gains. So make sure your profile is on point.

With a super like people will spend a bit more time figuring out who you are. So having a good bio, in this case, is very handy.

Tip: But when is the Super Likes from Tinder really really useful? Well, that is when you have Tinder Platinum. When you have that feature you are actually able to attach a text blurb to your super like.

- The "Super Like" feature gets a 5/5

Feature #9 - Rewind

It’s rewind time everybody!

Rewind Picture c

If you have never swiped wrong you should get a trophy! And I have to tell you that you probably are swiping too slow. Keep up those numbers my swipers. 

So rewind is the function where you can actually go back to the last match that you swiped left or right. 

Super easy and comes in handy now and than.

- The "Rewind" feature gets a 4/5

Feature #10 - Limited Visibility

You can probably just be in Tinder and chill out. Not everyone has that luxury. 

If you are a celebrity, well known business owner, or politician than the chances are big that you don’t want to be seen scrolling around on tinder. 

So how does your FBI agent still finding his new girlfriend on tinder? 

Pretty simple. With Tinder Gold you are able to limit your visibility. This means that people only get to see you after you swiped them right

Limited visibility image c

Limited visibility Tinder Strategy for Famous [2] & Anonymous people:

  1. 1
    Put visibility on limited
  2. 2
    Make your profile super top-notch
  3. 3
    Potentially reach out to Tinder to make sure that they know it’s the real you (catfishers)
  4. 4
    Use your tinder picks and use your super likes on them.
  5. 5
    Swipe through the normal feed if you want more matches.

Know that the amount of matches you will get is strongly influenced by the number of swipes you do.

- The "Limit Visibility" feature gets a 3/5

Feature #11 - No Ads

I think we can all admit that tinder ads are probably one of the worst. 

You are clicking through fast and efficient. Next thing you know you are opening a website because tinder was showing an ad and your automatic reaction for “next photo” triggered the opening of the ad..

When I’ve been swiping on free accounts this happens to me oftennnn.

Hide ads function on tinder gold c

Now do I hate that tinder has ads? 

Yes, I do! I hate it a lot! 

This is one of the reasons why I have Tinder Gold for my personal profile.

- The "No Ads" feature gets a 4/5

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost in 2021?

Now let's talk about the gold coins that you need to throw at this thing called Tinder Gold.

The price of tinder gold is very dependable. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact price of the rate of the service. 

And you know how it is with those tech companies. They love to experiment, with smart photos but also with the amount they can charge you ;).

So what cost can you kind of expect for this service: 

This is an example from Europe of a 30+ year old guy.

  • $ 20,49 for 1 month
  • $ 72,99 for 6 months ($12,16 / month)
  • $ 113,99 for 12 months ($9,50 / month)
Tinder Gold prices c

You can see why it’s hard to state what it’s going to cost exactly. It’s also harder to say if it’s worth it when the prices vary so much. Expect that the rate of Tinder Gold to be around $10 - $20

How to get Tinder for free.

Currently, there is no real way to get Tinder Gold for free. But since I’m a genius I still came up with some ways to get you Tinder gold for free! Just pick on

Your options for a free tinder gold are: 

OnlyFans Image
  1. Get a sugar daddy to pay for it.
  2. Post your naughty pictures to OnlyFans [3]
  3. Tell your grandparents you need money for tinder gold and tell them that tinder gold is something you actually need for school.

Now let’s be real. Some things just ain’t free. Tinder Gold is one of them. Sorry man.

How to upgrade to Tinder Gold

Throwing Money to upgrade to tinder gold

You made the step to start playing with the big boys by upgrading to Tinder Gold huh. 

Okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating. Your next match will probably not be a Victoria secret model [4] just because you have Tinder Gold. 

But that’s not the point. 

The point is that you are investing time and money into finding someone who you love to spend time with. Most people don’t even want to spend $10 to find their next life partner. 

You are winning my friend! Keep it up!

So how do you exactly upgrade to Tinder Gold? This is probably not so hard since tinder pushes this service very hard. 

Steps to sign up for Tinder Gold via your Browser:

  • Go to your tinder on your laptop
  • Click on your profile
  • Click on "Tinder Gold: Unlock Our Most Exclusive Features"
  • Select 1 / 6 / 12 months package
  • Checkout and Pay with your credit card
Hovalo Pro Tip: We have seen many times that it is cheaper to subscribe from your desktop instead of in the app. This can save you a solid 25%!! So make sure you pay via your laptop!

Canceling your Tinder Gold subscription (Android/ Credit Card / iPhone)

Overly Attached GF meme

You got Them! You got your buttercup, your princess, your soulmate, your target. Great news and let’s celebrate it. 

But there is 1 thing that you need to do before you ruin it! 

Your new partner probably wants you gone from tinder Real Quick.

So it’s time for your ceremonial goodbye from tinder, also known as canceling your Tinder Gold subscription.

It depends on your phone and payment method how you will have to cancel it.

Click on the tab to see the method for your payment style:

  • Google Play

  • In App Purchase

  • iOS / apple

  • Refund

Canceling when paid via the Google Playstore

  1. 1
    Go to your “Google Playstore” App
  2. 2
    Click on the Burger menu icon on the top left or right (depending on device)
  3. 3
    Go to the item that is called “Subscriptions
  4. 4
    Click on the Tinder icon. You also see the type of subscription that you have (tinder gold/plus / platinum, and how long)
  5. 5
    At the bottom here is the option for “Cancel Subscription
  6. 6
    Fill in the reason why you want to cancel.
  7. 7
    Hit “Continue” bottom and you’re done!.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

That’s the big question right, is Tinder Gold Worth it? That’s what you came for! 

And the big answer is always the same… It depends… 

Now I know you would hate me if I leave it at that so I’m not. We are here to help so I’ll set the parameters with which you can make 

  • When your profile is pretty decent and you don’t have much time → It’s worth it!
  • When you have a bad profile → It’s not worth it. Invest in photos
  • When you have to be very picky with your money → No, invest into plus + boosts
  • When $60 isn’t a big deal for you → It’s worth it!

Yet there is 1 thing that beats all paying stuff. That one thing is having a killer profile. 

 Remember: “Advertising an ugly sheep with horrible photos is not going to incentivize anyone to buy it."

Cheaper Solution: When you are really strict on your money. Don’t waste it on the price of Tinder Gold. Tinder Plus is pretty decent and it costs way less. Or you can look alternatives like Bumble Boost.

Best Value For Money: Tinder Boosts are kind of the holy grail of what you can buy on tinder. This is 

Best use of Tinder Gold: Use Super likes with Top Picks!

Best Results: Tinder Boosts + Super Like the Top Picks

Just take my money

Quick Tinder Gold Tips

Now you are here to get results right? I mean if you wanted to waste time and not get anything you would just change your profile to one of those people who has a flower, food, or color as a profile picture (please don’t do this).

So let’s give you some Juice for that machine of yours!

Use Your Top Picks & Super Likes

If you normal person like me then you probably have days where you forget to use your tinder. 

This is a missed opportunity of course. 

So how are we gonna fix this? Well, there is a very easy little trick to fix this. 

It’s the same fix that you use for getting to work in the morning… You guessed it!

Setting an alarm!

Put 1 or 2 alarms each day in the morning and afternoon and when they start beeping you only do your Daily Picks and use your Super Likes on them!

What does the Gold Heart Mean?

When you go to the messaging section in your tinder you see your matches people on the top that you matched with. 

Some will have a golden heart between their name and picture. 

This means this person is super sweet and you can expect that person to always  be ice to you (haha you wish)

The real reason is this is a person that you swiped from your Tinder Gold overview. So this is someone who liked you first.

Use your Boosts at the right time

If you ever dare to use a boost during the day when everyone is at work I’m not talking to you ever again!

Jokes aside. Use these wisely when most people are logged in.

The most ideal times to use tinder boosts is between 6 PM and 10 PM between Thursday and Sunday.

Get your picture game up

When you are investing in tinder gold I know another good investment (besides hiring us of course)

Get some new pictures! There are tons of styles that you can make. Ask a friend to take pictures or hire a professional photographer. 

Nowadays you can even find them on Airbnb [5]. It’s that easy (that rhymes, you must be impressed now).

Verify your Profile

Getting the blue check badge beside your name will add another lay of trust to your profile, which will get you more likes and better matches.

Airbnb Photos

Can you tell if someone has Tinder Gold?

investigate meme
  • First, we use it, then we abuse it - Koen Geron

You want to understand Tinder Gold so you know what to expect. Normally people can not see that you are using Tinder Gold. 

But there are some giveaways due to the features that it has. 

How to spot if someone is using it:

  • When your age is hidden (hide your age function)
  • When your location is hidden (hide your location function)
  • When you are far away (use of passport)
  • When you see the “reacting to” super like

What to say when people give you shit for having Tinder Gold?

Some people are just bullies and annoying. 

So we prepare for war!

    Let’s get some arguments prepared for when people give you shit for it:

  • Meeting nice people is important for me so that’s why I use tinder Gold.
  • I was curious about it so I’m currently trying it for a while, did you ever try it?
  • Yea having tinder gold saves me some time and I do value my time so that’s why I’m trying it right now.
Defend meme

Make sure a decent percentage replies to your openings

Tinder is kinda like a video game. Just like video games you get a ranking from Tinder.

Now guess what kills your ranking?

That’s right. Being super boring.

Make sure that you get a good percentage of reactions to your opening lines.

If you message everyone with “hey” you better be super good looking, delete the app, or jump to our article on how to use Tinder to help you out master it.

Verdict about Tinder Gold

Attention Meme

Boom! That was a large one aye!

Now you know that in some situations Tinder Gold is very nice and some people need to stay away from it!

You are by now an expert when it comes to Tinder Gold. So next time when your friends are talking about tinder gold you are able to drop some knowledge bombs on them

Now if you got a question. Feel free to leave your man a reply under the article. 

If you’re interested in having your tinder ran by pro’s then just hit me up and we can jump on a quick call to find out if this is something for you.

Want to help us out? We love it when you share out content around!

Have a great day beautiful people!


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