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Testimonial Anthony

For Anthony, we adjusted his profile. We edited a couple of pictures to make. We tested the edited pictures so we knew they would work better. 

After his profile was optimized we took it over and matched and texted the girls based on what he liked and who he is.

Anthony gave us the freedom to schedule dates directly into his calendar. It is depending on the client what method we use.

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Anonymous, New York City

After analyzing the conversations this client had we were able to pinpoint 3 core mistakes with his texting. We helped the client with clear guidelines what to do when.  This is important so the texting goes well even if we aren't there. 

We made some big improvements on his profile which resulted in much better matches. making women much more inclined to meet our client. 

Since then texting and the dates have been going very well and we are happy with our satisfied customer. 


Marcell K.

"I am very happy that I decided to work together with Koen (owner of Hovalo). He helped me a lot in setting up a stronger and more attractive profile and increased the number of likes and matches with the girls I like.
With his professional help, I have more high-quality females showing interest in me and wanting to hang out with me. Thanks a lot, Koen!"